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    We have the best international instructors here to help you advance your riding skills. These include Ingrid Klimke, Spencer Wilton, Gareth Hughes and Simone Pearce. Just create an account to access the free preview content!

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    Each course is just a one-time payment with no lock in contracts for immediate and indefinite access! Watch your purchased videos as many times as you like.

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    Regardless of your own level of riding, you'll find courses here to learn from and improve your riding skills! Just search the movement you are wanting to learn about and we will match you with tutorials.

Trainers include....

There are courses available from Ingrid Klimke, Spencer Wilton and Gareth Hughes, in addition to Mark Dobson who specialises in the mental strategy aspect of riding and competing.

The courses feature the trainers, riding horses at all levels, as they take the viewer through what they are doing with each horse.

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