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The following conditions are for sale of the courses or purchase of any item from our online shop:

1. Refunds & Exchanges Policy
There are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES on any course or product except as required by law.

2. Currency
All transactions are charged in Australian dollars (AUD) only.

3. Issuing of courses
Courses will only be issued upon full payment.

4. Copyright
You understand and agree that all materials, pictures, videos, logos, services, courses and information (“materials”) presented on this web site are the property of this web site. You agree not to reproduce, copy, or otherwise duplicate such materials. You further understand that any materials presented on this website are intended solely for your use of this web site. You understand that while you are welcome to benefit from such materials personally, you agree not to resell, modify and resell, and or repackage and resell the materials. You understand that the foregoing agreement provides the website provider with rights to the materials above and beyond copyright law. If you participate in such activities, you will have your account suspended or/and revoked without a refund. Dressage Masterclass Pty Ltd may choose to pursue legal action.

5. Your account is just for you

Your account for the Dressage Masterclass Academy is just for you to enjoy. You are NOT allowed to share your login details with anyone else. That also means you are not allowed to film any sections and post it to your social media accounts. We have designed this for your personal enjoyment.

6. Disclaimer
No representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to services and your use of this website are granted. You hereby acknowledge that Dressage Masterclass and its course providers (herein “instructors”) have made no representation or warranty, express or implied, (i) with respect to the suitability of its services for your purposes or use, or (ii) of merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose. Dressage Masterclass and its instructors shall not be liable to you for, and you hereby assume all risk of, and waive all claims against Dressage Masterclass in respect of any damage whatsoever in connection with your use of this website (whether based upon contract, tort, negligence, warranty, product liability, strict liability, and/or otherwise and whether or not Dressage Masterclass has been notified of the possibility of such damage) resulting from, or arising out of its services or your use of this website. Dressage Masterclass Pty Ltd assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in transmission, or line failure when watching the courses.

7. Course content

The Dressage Masterclass Academy provides you educational courses and content to improve your knowledge base in regards to riding horses. We understand that you will want to eagerly put that knowledge into practice on your own horse or any horse that you ride however Dressage Masterclass and its instructors assume no responsibility for any unfortunate negative results or potential accidents. After all we are not there to check the suitability of the content for you and your horse and are not there to provide the lesson in person, therefore we leave that entirely the responsibility of you.

8. Transmission

Each account holder’s internet connection and speed will vary therefore we assume no responsibility for any buffering or issues relating to your internet connection.

9. Access

You will have access to your course purchases indefinitely. If at some stage down the track the website was no longer supported, we would at that point offer account holders 60 days notice, so they have the opportunity to download the content they want to keep. Currently the content will be hosted by the Dressage Masterclass Academy for you to watch as many times as you like at your leisure.


10. Changes to these Terms & Conditions

Dressage Masterclass Academy reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions without prior notice. If you have objections to the terms and conditions, you should not access or use the site.

11. Help and Complaints

If you are experiencing problems, need guidance on how to use the website or have a complaint, we are here to help. Please email mel@dressagemasterclass.com.au and we will get back to you within 24 hours of receipt.

12. Privacy Policy
By creating an account for this website, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.